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Pic-time Review As a wedding photographer and former Pixieset user, I’ve loved having Pic-time! A sleek and modern look is a must for me for my main priorities. Intuitive and good customer service is a close second. Unlimited storage is also up there. The other features just really take the cake and make Pic-time a […]

Pic Time promo code and review – Favorite software for photographers

favorite software as a wedding photographer showit

It’s hard to choose the holy grail of software for me. If I had to choose, I’m pretty sure Showit would be it. I’m a former Pro Photo user and I have loved the switch so much. Pricier, but well worth the price. Showit makes it so easy to be able to build out a […]

Showit Review | My favorite software as a wedding photographer

Narrative Review | blogging for photographers

3. Narrative – My favorite blogging tool! Narrative will be your saving grace. Nooooo need to design collages in Photoshop. I am a former BlogStomp user as well. I’m still the happiest with my Narrative decision, but BlogStomp is close behind. With Narrative being a newer software, there are sometimes glitches which can be annoying, […]

Narrative Publish | My favorite software as a wedding photographer


As someone who always has serious FOMO, you can say I’ve been around the block when it comes to my business. I want to try it all and make sure I have the best of the best and I also DON’T like when people rep something cause #influencers, and I end up trying something and […]

My software + camera gear | from a Colorado Wedding Photographer

Dubsado Review for photographers

Dubsado – My new favorite CRM! Ah, I feel like I finally landed on one I’ll keep around for a while! I’ve been using Dubsado for over a year now. I previously used Tave and before that, 17 Hats. Each one was good for what it was in my business and just as times have […]

Dubsado Review | My favorite software as a wedding photographer

“See the light in others and treat them as if that’s all you see.” People have always asked me when or why I wanted to become a photographer. ..and my answer always is, ‘I have no idea…’ I remember in High School, I wanted to be a photographer or a physical therapist. I remember shopping […]

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