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Happy New Year! Oh, 2016..where do I even begin?! It was a challenging yet amazing year to say the least. I was faced with the most unexpected, hardest life changes and some amazing, priceless moments. Looking back, it’s probably one of my favorite years yet. I was thrown into a whole other life and clueless […]

2017 Goals

Backpacking Europe

As most North Carolinians would say, Happy Fall, Y’all! Luckily Colorado fall is far before October 1st so I’ve been able to bring out my inner white girl self with Brown boots, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and flannel with no shame. It’s finally back to reality after a 2 week trip backpacking Europe then a week in […]

October Goals

This year is going by WAY to fast and I always seem to notice it’s a different month days into the month. Ha. Goal #1: set alerts for these goal blogposts.  It is FINALLY summertime (for the most part) in Summit County. Can I get a hell yeah?! We had our first camping trip of […]

June Goals

I feel like I say this every month, but holy cow, March has FLOWN by. While it may technically be spring every where else in the world, Breckenridge, Colorado is STILL getting dumped on with snow. Aside from being depressed about not wearing flip flops and dresses, April is one of my favvvs.  Mud season starts soon and town […]

April Goals


Is it seriously February already?! Ah, goals! There is nothing I love more than coming up with my goals and visioning how to make them happen. Then it comes time to complete them and my procrastinator devil on my right should comes out and takes over! I’m keeping my promise to myself to continue to […]

February Goals

I’m sitting here watching 180 south on Netflix (while eating pickles & Salt and vinegar chips) and once again planning out my amazing travel life and going over ALL the things I’m going to accomplish in 2016 or in life itself. Yeaaaah, I may be a bit of a dreamer, but you have to start […]

Bucket list!




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