Greenhouse Creative Studios

  Happppppy New Year! I’m going to pretend like I didn’t wake up for a fresh start of 2016 and try and fill up the dogs water bowl and the water won’t turn on and the pipes could possibly be frozen because it was -15 out. Hahaha! 😉 Who knows if New Years resolutions or […]

2016 goals and January goals

Skinning Mayflower Gulch

What better way to start the last month of a year with goals to set. 😉 Leave it up to me to procrastinate until the end of the year to get myself in check. The end of the year always gets me going on new goals, ‘starting over’ and getting ready to ‘kill’ it. One […]

December goals

This year has been another amazing wild ride through life with many bumps along the way. A big job change from a desk at a bank to a preschool teacher, starting school, a move into an amazing new place in town, a million and 5 hockey games, learning to love even through the hardest times, […]

New Years Resolutions